George Moorhouse
Piano Tutor

My upbringing was surrounded by musical talent; my nan and aunt were Opera singers and my uncle was a professional pianist. This was the perfect situation for any young musician.

As I grew as a young musician I continued studying many genres of music and musical theory. I studied pieces by Chopin and Bach with my uncle's help, and also relentlessly practiced  counterpoint and composition playing.

I began playing other instruments and I am now an accomplished drummer, teaching for Soundbox when I'm not on the piano.

I'm lucky to have toured many times around Europe with many artists, and played several festivals such as Reading. as well as gaining experience on TV shows such as The Andrew Marr Show.

I like to think I have an inspirational approach to music, which if shared with young people would inspire them so much. I'm delighted to be part of the Soundbox team, and aim to stretch my students to help  progress quickly, but with a good basic knowledge of their instrument.